peter iannarelli artist


Working from the ready-made tradition, I take the objects of everyday life and tinker with them, plumbing both their logic and abstraction to create a dialogue that reveals a subtext that is perhaps their real, alternate or sublime intention. Familiarity becomes the portal to experience and objects are cast from the common place to the status of artifact. The pieces become, in part, an archive of the things we surround ourselves with and how we felt. Viewers are asked to enter a narrative with attentiveness to how the objects of everyday transcend their perfunctory function and engender a new understanding.

My work is about relationships and immediacy. Duality emerges as a common thread; working with multiples and sometimes couplets, I'm in search of a common denominator, a shared center or perfect balance. Primarily working from a conceptual practice my work also acknowledges the expressionistic dynamic producing emotional effect and subjectivism. It is this emotional essence that hints of an underlying soul, or if truly successful, reveals one completely.